?The Life of a Firefighter?

"The Life of a Firefighter"

Howdy Folks!!! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kenny Fullington. I just recently retired from being a full-time paid firefighter for the Jackson Fire Department in Jackson, Tennessee. It is my desire to make each of you more familiar with the day to day routine I had as a firefighter and at the same time help you to realize that I lived as normal of a life outside of the Fire Service as the rest of you. Maybe too normal at times. *LOL* Please be patient and check back often as I will surely make changes from time to time. I hope you enjoy it. Ok away we go!!!!

There are several pages to check out here and certainly will be more as I continue to add more information. Please take your time and try to look at everything here in order to get the full scope of "The Life of a Firefighter". Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign the guestbook located at the bottom of this main page. Enjoy your visit and come back often. Thanks for taking your time to view my efforts!

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